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The City of Dragons Laurence Yep

The City of Dragons

Laurence Yep

Published September 1st 1995
ISBN : 9780590478656
1 page
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 About the Book 

A book with a simple story and a simple moral that tells a powerful story of not taking someone for face value. A sad-faced boy runs away from home when his village elders ban him from the Harvest festival. He seeks a way to become useful, and enters into a world of legend in the City of the Dragons. Through skills that only he possesses, the boy returns home. Wisely, the elders realize that they had been wrong, learning lessons from both their own actions, and the mistakes of those in the past. We should all do so well to learn these lessons, and not judge people based on their appearance.Beautifully illustrated and told, this book will create a haunting memory and hopefully a lesson that even the young will understand.